Welcome to this small introduction of Paratronic Oy. This page is mainly addressed to possible suppliers and foreign customers.

Paratronic Oy is located in Finland, northern Europe. It has been founded in 1998 by Petri Rantala around his hobbies (paraglider pilot and instructor, skydiver and senior parachute rigger).

In the beginning, our mission was to import and distribute paragliders and related products for Finnish PG-pilots.

Later on, because of increasing demands for our products, we expanded our business into new customer groups and today our clientéle includes individuals, small to big companies, government facilities, schools, universities, army etc. The marketing area is the whole Finland.

Marketing and sales are mainly done in the web, through our web-site, deliveries are made via mail.

Our current product line includes paragliders, airband radios, altimeters, variometers, anemometers, weather stations, coaxial cabels, connectors, antennas, water testers, electrical equipment etc.

New products are our great interest and we are continuously searching them.We expect them to be new, innovative, hi-tech, suitable for web-marketing and mail delivery and reasonable priced so everyone can afford them. We are NOT interested in items you can buy in every hardware store.

If you have products you think we might be interested in and would like to add Finland to your marketing areas, please don't hesitate to contact us.

In 2010 Paratronic Oy was granted the AAA-diploma for the highest possible credit rating. In 06/2010 there was only 4.4% of Finnish companies in the best class. Our AAA-classification was revised in 03/2011, now only 3.6% of us is in the best class.

For foreign customers

If you are interested in purchasing some of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We accept Visa, Visa Electron and Eurocard/Mastercard payments, and also adopted the "Verified by Visa" -service. You can not use the "shopping basket" in foreign orders, due to variating shipping cost and methods, so please email for offer and further instructions.


Contact information


Heikkiläntie 26
63130 MÄYRY


Mr Petri Rantala

Phone, mobile

+ 358 400 297526


+ 358 6 5259160






FI 14671702


Thank you for your interest in our business.
Please, feel welcome to visit also our Finnish web-site at www.paratronic.fi

Have a nice day.



Paratronic Oy, Heikkiläntie 26, 63130 Mäyry, Finland
Puh. 0400 - 297 526
avoinna ma-pe klo 9.00 - 16.00
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